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What’s Your Worship Like?

When the music fades, does your worship still have substance?

The Kingdom-focused Worship Leader

In the midst of everything that has power to divide a congregation, here is where hearts can be aligned to make an impact in the world.


Why Do We Sing About a Silent Night at Christmas?

Do you wonder why “stillness” is an enduring theme in art about the incarnation? Here are some thoughts on the stillness of Christmas.

Portraying Christ Clearly in Worship

5 ways to ensure your worship is scripture-rich and Christ centered.

Asking the Wrong Witnesses

What if the people Jesus had healed had been called to testify at His trial? Here are some of the words they might have used to describe the Savior and his ministry.

The Most Attractive Thing

There is a place for making church look good; but how far is too far?


A Christmas Wrapped in Praise

A biblical account of our biggest responsibility this season.

Every Sunday Is a Little Easter

The one thing worship leaders must not forget during Lent.

Trinitarian Worship Dance

Let me offer three words to help us increase our participation in Christ-centered worship: anticipation, incarnation, and resurrection.

What if Every Sunday Were Advent?

3 keys to making sure every service of worship is informed by the Advent expectation.

Christ the King Sunday for Evangelicals

Christ the King Sunday is coming up in the Christian Calendar. Here is a short rundown of what that means to you.