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Worship Team Devotional

Use this devo, on how we are God’s chosen people, for yourself or at the opening of your next team rehearsal.

Asking the Wrong Witnesses

What if the people Jesus had healed had been called to testify at His trial? Here are some of the words they might have used to describe the Savior and his ministry.


What Happens If the Lights Go Out?

Some comforting news coming from a worship-leading nightmare.

Feeling Forgotten By God?

Throughout history, God’s people have worried that they have been forgotten by their Lord. Have you ever felt this way?

Prepositions of Worship

Although we use them multiple times daily in speech and other forms of communication, we rarely take time to consider the importance of prepositions in our language.

No Light Without the Dark

Add life and drama to the story of God that we tell every week


Not Afraid: Does Fear Hinder Your Worship Leadership?

Embrace courage and dig deep down in your heart, find the root and let God start dealing with your fear.