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The First Known Christian Songbook

The early hymns that every worship leader, songwriter, and worshiper should know about.

Who Owns a Hymn?

A look at the ongoing sung narrative of God’s salvation throughout history.


Eucharist Means “Thanksgiving”

Seeing our times of communion as joyous times at the table of thanksgiving.

The Story of Worship

What the great awakenings tell us about worship today

5 Myths About Martin Luther

Martin Luther was pivotal in the Reformation, but sometimes the truth is buried by the legend. Here are some debunked myths about Luther.

An Ancient Truth

Our songs shape the faith of our congregations. Here we see how early generations of the Church actively worked with this reality.


Winging Our Prayers

We prepare our songs every week, but our prayers are often not given the same treatment. Here are some thoughts on impromptu prayers.

Worship in Recollection

3 ways recalling God’s mighty actions can strengthen your church’s worship.

Go East, Young Songwriter, Go East

How Eastern Orthodox writers can help us write ancient new songs

Remember Your Worship History

How can we use the past to create formative worship today?

10 Worship Guidelines From the Early Church

Dr. Lee McDonald offers us a brief rundown of what worship looked like in the early church, so we can learn from our first-century brothers and sisters.

Shaping Up

Whoever chooses the people’s song for their congregation is not only a hymnal editor but also is a primary shaper of the way their congregation understands and expresses faith