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5 Pointers for Staying Spiritually Fit With the Psalms

The Psalms have been a source of worship renewal for 100 generations of Christians; here is your guide for starting “working out” in the greatest spiritual gym.

What Would Jesus Sing?

Intentionally spotlighting scripture in our worship music


When a Friend Attacks

Has someone wronged you? With Psalm 55 as a source, here are some biblical options.

Which Comes First: Praise or Worship?

Does anything get overlooked when we combine words that have unique purposes?

Worship that Reflects the One Worshiped

Finding continuity between musical praise and righteous living.

Houses of Prayer

In remembrance of Hughes Oliphant Old, here is an article he wrote for worship leader on his passion for prayer in our services of worship.


The Psalms

Using the Church’s oldest liturgy, today.

On Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs

In his letters, Paul gave us one of the most important passages of Scripture regarding music. Here is an in-depth conversation between worship theologians about its meaning.

Worship in Recollection

3 ways recalling God’s mighty actions can strengthen your church’s worship.

Sing Them We Must

The Psalms, the Church, and the Worship of God.

Finding a New Song, Biblically Speaking

Are you looking for novel songs or ideas or are you looking for the biblical New Song? Based on Psalm 40, here are some of the differences.

Where Are the Songs of Sadness?

Not only do our churches experience the complete spectrum of human emotions, the Bible models worship that includes lament. Here is a brief exploration of a missing element of worship.