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Why Lament in Worship?

8 biblical reasons why laments need to be part of our services of worship.


Does the climate change when you cross the threshold of your church? NWLC featured artist, David Baloche invites you to stop at the threshold of worship … it’s a call to preparation for a deeper encounter. 


The Kingdom-focused Worship Leader

In the midst of everything that has power to divide a congregation, here is where hearts can be aligned to make an impact in the world.

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

A short blessing, insight, and prayer for us all to remember as we gather for Thanksgiving.

Eucharist Means “Thanksgiving”

Seeing our times of communion as joyous times at the table of thanksgiving.

4 Reasons We Celebrate Advent

Before Advent starts this weekend, here is a primer on the reasons to include it in your worship.


The Art and Heart of Successful Liturgy

Liturgy is a bit of a worship buzzword these days; what does it mean and how does it affect your leadership?

Singing as Holy Communication

More than aesthetics, what exactly is happening when we sing our prayers to God and one another in worship?

5 Myths About Martin Luther

Martin Luther was pivotal in the Reformation, but sometimes the truth is buried by the legend. Here are some debunked myths about Luther.

The Story and the Table

The 7 motifs in the Lord’s Supper every worship leader should know.

Winging Our Prayers

We prepare our songs every week, but our prayers are often not given the same treatment. Here are some thoughts on impromptu prayers.

We Are What We Repeat

On musical repetition and the theology of the Megachurch.