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Easter Is The Best Subject There Is with Brian Johnson of Bethel

Easter Is The Best Subject There Is with Brian Johnson of Bethel

Brian Johnson

Easter Every Day: Embracing the Resurrection in Worship Music

In a recent conversation, Brian Johnson of Bethel Music shared his unique perspective on Easter and its significance in worship music, offering insights that challenge conventional approaches to this pivotal Christian holiday.

Easter, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, is traditionally marked by Christians worldwide with special services, music, and ceremonies. However, Brian Johnson suggests a different approach: treating Easter not just as an annual event but as a continual theme in worship and songwriting.

The Easter Message Isn’t Just For Easter Sunday

Johnson’s view is refreshingly unconventional. While many churches prepare extensively for Easter Sunday, with elaborate musical performances and heightened church activities, Johnson and his team at Bethel Music take a more integrated approach. For them, the themes of death, resurrection, and hope that Easter embodies are not confined to a single Sunday but are integral to their worship throughout the year.

This perspective resonates deeply within the Christian narrative. The resurrection is, after all, the cornerstone of Christian faith, a symbol of eternal hope and the triumph of life over death. By embedding this message into worship music regularly, Johnson argues that the power and significance of the resurrection become a constant, rather than a seasonal reminder.

Such an approach also has profound implications for worship music. Songs about Jesus’s sacrifice and resurrection, traditionally sung during Easter, are transformed into “everyday songs,” as Johnson puts it. This constant reflection on the resurrection theme in music ensures that the core message of Christianity remains at the forefront of worship throughout the year.

Moreover, Johnson’s emphasis on the resurrection theme in songwriting reflects a broader trend in contemporary Christian music to focus on the foundational truths of the faith. It’s a call to remember that the message of Easter is not only about a historical event but also about a living hope that continues to shape lives today.

In essence, Johnson’s perspective invites worshippers to live in the light of the resurrection every day. By doing so, the profound joy and hope of Easter become a sustained experience, deeply woven into the fabric of Christian life and worship.

In a world where the significance of spiritual truths can easily be lost in the bustle of yearly festivities, Johnson’s approach offers a compelling reminder: Easter isn’t just a day in the calendar; it’s the heart of the Christian journey, deserving of daily celebration and reflection.

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“Easter is the subject that EVERYONE gathers around.” Brian Johnson hits us with this great reminder when prepping for Easter Sunday that’s applicable for every Sunday. Join Brian as he discusses the beauty of Easter songs like “Living Hope,” and shares why Easter is a subject that should never get old.

“Living Hope,” written by Brian Johnson and Phil Wickham is a song that many churches have come to love and lead on Sundays but especially on Easter:

Hallelujah, praise the one who set me freeHallelujah, death has lost its grip on meYou have broken every chainThere’s salvation in your nameJesus Christ, my living hope


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