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How to Apply Your Phrase or Melody in Worship Songwriting

How to Apply Your Phrase or Melody in Worship Songwriting

Paul Baloche

Once we feel like we have an inspired phrase or melody, it’s time to worship with it in a prayerful, musical way and see where it leads us. Sometimes it’s helpful to step back from our instrument and just sing melodies that are free from the constraint of a key or chords.

As your song begins to grow and take shape, start experimenting with chords that will support the feeling of the idea. there is no formula, but often the progression looks like this:

  1. An inspired idea or phrase is birthed from a prayerful, worshipful posture.
  2. Melody and lyrics start to take shape through repeated singing and worshipful, childlike “play.”
  3. Chords and rhythm are chosen to cohesively support the feeling of the message.
  4. Now, bring in your editor and start filling in the missing parts by checking for biblical accuracy, lyrical freshness, and musical creativity.

Let’s strive for “all of the above,” but primarily yearn for a more intimate connection with our God that can be experienced very uniquely by singing a new prayer—by singing out our conversations to the one who sings over us with joy.

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