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Reclaiming Creativity by Ryan Kennedy

Reclaiming Creativity by Ryan Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy

Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine Vol 28 No 3

From the beginning of time, our God has been marvelously crafting and speaking into existence this beautiful experience we call life. Part of His incredible design is our ability to journey across the spectrum of emotions. We have been designed to feel deeply— to have both joy and sadness, to feel love and also endure hurt, to know happiness and still taste the bitterness of anger. The writer of Ecclesiastes would say that with this ability to feel there are a season and a time for almost every emotion. And for every reality of the human experience, there is also a lesser, often counterfeit, adaptation of the same experience. Though not inherently evil, this pseudo-experience manipulates what was once designed for God and His Kingdom and instead exploits these gifts for the temporary thrills of the secular world. Still, whether sincere or produced, humanity is guided and moved by the way the heart and the mind perceive our experiences (when not ruled by the Spirit).

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