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Story Behind the Prayer Song “Can’t Hold Back” by Skye Reedy

Story Behind the Prayer Song “Can’t Hold Back” by Skye Reedy

Skye Reedy

We caught up with Skye Reedy about her song, “Can’t Hold Back.” Skye shared with us about how this song was written about lifting up a sound of praise in the face of fear. Read the full interview with Skye below and be sure to comment your thoughts!

Can you tell me a little bit about the season spiritually and personally and the space/place in which this song emerged?

This song was written at the beginning of 2020. I had just come off of the road with Michael W. Smith after a worship tour. My heart was overflowing with things I wanted to write and sing. The lord had spoken so much to me as we traveled the world and worshiped with people of many different nations. It was so fun to get to record a new live video of it in 2022. So much has changed about life. I still feel the same fire and passion to equip the global church with the truth of God’s word through song. 

When you were writing this song, did you have any thoughts about who might sing it: a person? A band? Your church? Your faith tradition/denomination? The larger worldwide Church?

I was feeling led to record an EP of corporate worship songs at the time. Really praying into what I needed to sing over myself, my life, as well as what others might be needing to pray. When I lead worship I love songs that declare truth when you’re in the midst of a battle. This felt like a song of declaration and vertical praise to God. 

Describe this song’s genesis? (Is there a backstory? Did something in your personal/church life lead/influence the writing?

This was the last song I wrote in a room with other people before the world shut down for the pandemic. The day we got together to write we talked about what was happening in the world. We were all just starting to learn about what Covid-19 was and there was so much fear being spoken out in the media. It was easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious about what we were all facing. We felt led to write a song about our sovereign God and not letting fear keep up from lifting a song of praise. We obviously had no idea what the next few years would look like. We walked through deep waters that next season. When I sing this song now I am reminded of how important it was to hold onto the words of God. His truth and presence is what carries us when we cannot see the way. 

If collaborative, talk about those you wrote with and that process?

I wrote this song with Chris Clayton, Mitch Wong, and my husband Blaine Reedy. Chris Clayton was producing and writing with me for the EP. This was the first time I had met Mitch. He and his wife had literally just moved to America from Australia. He was a part of the ministry Planet Shakers, but he was moving here to write music. A week later the country went into complete lockdown. Chris and Mitch have both become like family to us. It is sweet to look back on that write and see how God brought us together that day. 

Did others, friends/spouse/family/mentors interact with, inspire or encourage you during the creation of this song? In what ways?

This song was very much a favorite of my friends. It is one of the reasons we decided to record a video for it. I’ve learned to listen to the people around me to hear what is connecting with them. 

Were there any surprises in the writing/arrangement/recording of the song?

For this live video recording it felt like the wind was at our backs the whole day. There was a sweet presence of God that was tangible during each song we recorded for these live sessions.  We recorded two other songs – my latest single “Reconcile” & “Majesty” by the band Delirous? featuring Stu G. 

Were there any challenges personally or musically in the creation of the song?

At the time of recording the studio version of the song we were in national lockdown. Things like drums had to be recorded remotely. 

Why is this song meaningful to you and what about it do you hope will connect with or bring transformation to those who hear/sing it?

When fear tries to intimidate us it is important to remind ourselves of God’s word and his character. I hope these words remind people to look to a higher name than fear. When I write a song I like to spend time at home singing it over myself and my family. If it moves me to worship in my secret place alone with God, I know it is one I am suppose to share with others. 

Did this song impact your relationship with God or People?

This song impacted by endurance to hold onto faith when the world around you starts to shake. As a writer it also really encouraged me to hear other people connecting to God through the song. 

Is there an aspect of the service you think this song is particularly suitable for?

This would be a great opening or 2nd to opening song. It has energy and declares truth that leads to praise!

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