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Inspire, share, fuel, explore, ignite… mine the treasures of biblical imagination and chart the expanse of sung prayer.

Our 2024 editorial focus is to delve deeper into the heart of worship, discerning what is fundamentally vital and eternally significant in our practice and understanding of worship. We aim to distill the essence of what truly matters in worship.

This year’s series of articles will investigate the core concepts and words central to worship, as revealed in Scripture and articulated by voices of faith throughout history.

Our motivation stems from a concern over the divisive and sometimes destructive discourse among Christians, particularly as observed in online environments. We question whether our expressions of worship are genuinely molding us into God’s likeness.

Thus, we are committed to fostering a worship experience that reflects the unity and love of the Father, drawing us closer to the heart of God and one another.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • Art as Worship as Art: Not Just Worship Music – Other Forms Of Worship
  • The Vision of the Empty Cross: Exploring the Impact of the Cross on Worship
  • One New Man in Worship: Uniting with Israel in Praise
  • The Courage to Worship: How Bravery Shapes Our Walk with God
  • Healing Relationships Through Worship
  • Justice in Worship
  • Spiritual Warfare in Worship
  • Mourning and Worship: Comfort in Times of Loss
  • Living Sacrifice: Who Embodies This in Modern Worship?
  • The Link Between Worship and Obedience: Following Christ’s Commandments
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit in Worship
  • Love Embodied as Worship: Actions That Speak Louder than Songs
  • Discipleship Through Sung Prayer: Rediscovering the Lost and Missing
  • Prayers in Worship Music

Article Ideas:

  • Rediscovering the Roots of Worship: Exploring the historical and biblical foundations of Christian worship and how they shape contemporary practices.
  • Technology and Worship: Balancing the benefits and challenges of incorporating modern technology in worship services.
  • Cultural Diversity in Worship: Celebrating and integrating diverse cultural expressions of worship within the global church.
  • Intergenerational Worship: Bridging the gap between generations in worship services and understanding the value of each age group in the worship experience.
  • Environmental Stewardship in Worship: The role of worship in promoting care for creation and environmental responsibility.
  • The Impact of Worship on Community Building: Examining how worship can foster a sense of community and belonging within and beyond church walls.
  • Worship and Social Justice: Discussing the intersection of worship and social justice issues, and how worship can be a catalyst for social change.
  • The Role of Art and Creativity in Worship: Exploring diverse forms of artistic expression in worship, such as dance, visual arts, and drama.
  • Worship in Times of Crisis: How worship can provide comfort, hope, and resilience during personal or communal crises.

These topics aim to offer a rich and varied exploration of worship, touching on its historical, theological, practical, and cultural dimensions.