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    • January WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Jan 28 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Legality of Streaming Services (Audio + Video)
    • February WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Feb 18 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Planning for Easter
    • March WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Mar 25 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Age is Just a Number: Maintaining Relevance & Knowing When to Transition
    • April WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Apr 22 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Going Beyond Top 20 When Creating Your Setlist
    • May WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: May 27 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: The Importance of Upgrading Your Stage Environment
    • June WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Jun 17 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Breaking Through Your Church Bubble – How to Connect with Your Local Community
    • July is NWLC – Our annual conference in Nashville, TN.
    • August WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Aug 26 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: How to Build Team Culture on a Rock Instead of Sand
    • September WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Sep 30 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: How to Write Songs for Your Community
    • October WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Oct 28 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Planning for Christmas
    • November WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Nov 18 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Finding Rest During the Holidays
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