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The place of music in worship is to enable us to pray.

Music is not to be focused on the performer – rather on the congregation – engaging with God and other believers.

We believe music is a servant of prayer.

This is a very big idea and therefore difficult to implement. That’s why the resources we provide are focused on: modeling, training and encouraging music as a servant of prayer.

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Music Review | “Poetry” By For The Fatherless

Poetry relates the stories of For The Fatherless' personal struggles and victories in an electronic and ethereal manner that is enjoyable, peaceable, and equally reflective.

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Music Review | “Canyon” By Ellie Holcomb

From the first note to the last, Canyon is one of those rare records that feels beautifully vulnerable in the way these songs tell stories and powerfully carried by Ellie’s voice and heart. Each song is carefully crafted to spark both room for lament and inspiration for joy.

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Finding Rivers in the Canyon: An Interview with Ellie Holcomb

On the heels of release week, Ellie Holcomb joins us to talk about the songwriting process of her new record Canyon, the stunning visual that brought reality to the album's hope-filled concept, and some of the voices that joined Ellie on these well-crafted songs that tackle the topics of lament and joy.

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Music Review | “Hymn of Heaven” By Phil Wickham

From top to bottom, Hymn of Heaven is one of the most lyrically encouraging, profound and impactful worship records I’ve ever heard. Aiding Wickham’s stunning vocal, the content of this album is carefully crafted to offer churches a dozen new declarations for their people that lift their eyes to Jesus and pour hope into their hearts.

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Music Review | “Milk & Honey” By Crowder

Milk & Honey is yet another project that proves why Crowder is one of the most profound worship leaders of our time. Creative yet authentic, this record captures the best parts of both the high-energy and the more intimate sides of worship.

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Loving our Baton-Passing, Triune God by Lester Ruth

What I am suggesting is that, when we direct our love to God, there is a deference that takes place among the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. In other words, when we seek to love One of these, that Person directs our attention to Another within the Trinity. The baton of love is passed among the Three.

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Life As A Psalm by Tanya Riches

The Bible refers to Christians as living epistles, or letters. In fact, we are the letter, and the message we bear testifies to Christ. But similarly, what if we saw our own lives and their ups and downs as a psalm? As in, what if we were a song that was being sung to the glory of God?

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Awakening Prayer by Josh Lavender

I’ve heard it said that the first blood of atonement were the drops of blood Jesus shed in prayer. May his Spirit wake us up to the great needs around us and give us zeal, persistence and the singular focus to contend for God’s Spirit to fill our homes, churches, cities, and world. What would it look like to write songs of travailing prayer?

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Moving Beyond I Do to I Am by Kent Morris

While vital, tech harbors the dark obverse of self-importance. As such, it becomes a simple step to move from using our gift to relying on our gift. The result can be a turn inward toward self-reliance, bolstered by pride. Eventually, we can change from a person used by God to a person with god illusions.

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Songwriter’s Toolbox by Justin Morris

Songwriting is heart work. From the Psalms of David to the latest corporate worship album, it’s always the raw honesty in the truth of these recorded moments that keep us coming back. If you are an artist of any kind, you know these moments of honesty are rare, beautiful, and fleeting. But making art is a lot of work.

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Connected to the Moment by Darlene Zschech

As we reflect God’s heart, a new level of vulnerability is required as we lead into these days when people are broken, raw, hungry for encounter, and more transparent than ever before. And as always, the Spirit of the Living God is ready to meet them with His living water.

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