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There are certain artists who, based on their wild stories, inspire us to produce what we call “Super Duper Serious Interviews” led by our Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Swanson. In this installment, CAIN the Band covers topics that we know are important to our audience. Topics like tax evasion, new worship music, healing from prison experiences, and lots more.

Please note, for those of you who may have an underdeveloped sense of humor, we wanted to make it clear that this video and the accompanying article are an attempt to be sarcastic. Please have a good laugh at our expense. Special thanks to CAIN for being willing to participate in this silly experiment.

Who Is CAIN?

CAIN’s anticipated project Honest Offering, their six-song live worship EP, dropped on February 24 (Sony Music/Provident Entertainment). Our review of the album can be found here.

CAIN Honest Offering


Honest Offering features the writing of award-winning songwriters and artists including Chris Tomlin, Jason Ingram, Ethan Hulse, Micah Kuiper, Nick Schwarz, Jonathan Smith, and Mitch Wong. Wong also shares his vocals on Shine On Us while David Leonard appears on Blessed Assurance.

CAIN Honest Offering Album Review Quote

Touted as their most personal collection of songs yet, the album was produced by Jonathan Smith, Brad King, and David Leonard and was recorded live at Nashville’s legendary Ocean Way Studio.

Honest Offering is also a project CAIN has been wanting to make since their childhood, especially as teens when the Cain family would host high school Bible studies. “We’d pack so many in our family room and just sing to Jesus,” Madison Cain Johnson shares. Now singing as their careers, the siblings knew it was time to record some of their favorite worship songs along with sharing a few new ones. “Our hearts need this,” Madison says. “It’s something that has been on our hearts to do and I can’t believe we actually got to do it!” Taylor Cain Matz adds, “Everybody’s heart for this is just right. We’re ready!” Logan Cain includes, “This feels different to me than anything we’ve done before. It’s so personal.”

“We hope that this is a time that people can get lost in the songs and really connect with God,” Madison concludes. “That is more than we can hope for, more than people just liking the songs or enjoying themselves. We really hope that people get to encounter the living God.”

The members of CAIN are also ready to embark on their first-ever headlining tour this spring. Joined by Katy Nichole and David Leonard, the “Live And In Color Tour” will kick off in March.

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This is very serious guys. This is an exposé, okay? Okay. An exposé on CAIN. Are we ready?

Hey, everybody, I’m Joshua Swanson, here with Worship Leader. In an exclusive interview, an exposé, a 60 Minutes style interview with the one and only, CAIN the band. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Worship Leader. Thank you guys so much for being here. Well, first, let’s start with what’s on everyone’s mind. CAIN. Cain and Abel. Naming yourselves after a murderer.

Where does that? Where did that come from? I didn’t think of the original CAIN at all. It’s our last name. Oh, it’s- It is our last name. And it’s as simple as that. The Cain family. Yep. Do you guys feel like you owe us an apology for getting, I’m so blessed, stuck in everyone’s head? I do. I’m sorry to the parents. Yeah. Because it does seem-

And a few people have commented on our music video. We bring our instruments into the pool, and they’re like, you know, kids are watching this. I mean, there are some churches that are doing it, and I can’t tell if that’s- should we apologize for that, too? Yeah. To the camera. Sorry. Just sorry about that. We’re sorry. So I understand that the next tour is called Live and in Color.

Indeed. I love it. I’m so excited for you guys. That’s why I dressed in color to just try and fit in a little bit. Wow. You look amazing. But the question I have and so many others have is what accommodations are you guys giving to people who are colorblind?

We will- Okay. Shoot! Well, we’ll move on from that. Something you guys might want to talk to your people about. Yes. You know, just how are you going to communicate that with those of us who are colorblind? But we are excited about your tour. Is that why you’re wearing the… wearing the wrong color? Well, this is just so that I can be identified by the police when I get pulled over.

So let’s talk about that, right? Speaking of the police, so I know that you guys have an amazing prison story, right? Praise opens prison door. So what happened there? What’s the story? How did you guys end up in jail? Taylor, take it away. Taylor? Sounds like that might be your personal story.

I’m crying because, yes, it was a bad time. It’s funny. I can’t. Someone else. Someone else. We had some trouble with taxes that was more me just not knowing how to do it. We’ll edit that out. We’ll edit that out. We don’t want the IRS after us. Well, I went to H&R Block and I thought everything was all square. Now we’re definitely gonna edit it out. Can you beep that? There’s no way we’re talking about-

Those people have a lot of power. H&R Block has big tentacles. So how often do people think that you three are married to each other? Oh, every night. It is shocking how much we had to work on how we answer that from stage as well. Because when someone would ask, Are you married? Madison would pretty consistently say, We all are, which is an answer that I think they were already expecting.

Do we look like the type that we would all be married to each other? You can be honest. With the colors and stuff? I think you know… Yes. Yes. I’m gonna do the short answer, yes. I’m just going to go straight in. We are all married. Yes. To different people. To… not each other. Your name is Cain? Yes. Not after Cain and Abel.

Not not to be confused with Cain and Abel. And you’re- you’re brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters. Yes. One brother, two sisters. They are all married to ea- not each other. Not each other. Okay. Oh, actually, I have one more for Logan being the rapper in the group. You know, how how does it feel to break into worship music by way of rap, you know?

Have you really found the audiences can understand you given how fast you’re talking? I mean, this is this is something that our worship community really wants to understand. Please answer that loud and clear. I think, growing up in the South, it seems like a lot of the churchgoing audience becomes sort of a Venn diagram with people that buy things at auction.

So I think that, oh, maybe rap music… that’s not good. I mean, if it doesn’t work out for you at CAIN you can become an auctioneer. Yeah. And it so far seems like I’m trending in the auctioneer direction. You have done that. You’re big on Facebook Marketplace right now. Let me ask you this. Is it hard to rap with that much mustache? Is like, it hard to get the words out?

So you have no idea. So who chooses the outfits? That’s the thing that we’re all really wanting to know. Just nobody answer this. God. God chooses the outfit. Praise the Lord. So kidding aside, CAIN does have an amazing new live worship album. Is it out? When does it come out? Tell us about it. It’s out now! Okay.

I will say, and this is something that makes me so proud, is there are a couple of these songs that were written before our first album, songs that before the things that you might know us from these songs were the songs that we were writing. And this is where our heart lived. And so I’m so excited to be able to go back to this.

And- and that’s what’s so important to me about this project is that people understand this isn’t us trying to make worship music because it is cool, or to make worship music because it’s trendy or it’s popular, or even just because we love the local church. Those things are true. But this is where we started and this feels like such a joy to get to go back to making this music where there’s all this space for the Holy Spirit to do things that we didn’t plan for.

We just did something for our dad. He just did a concert. We, you know, went back to Hartselle, Alabama to sing with him. A few people at the church, they were like, okay, so this is what we know you as. So they you know, they have really enjoyed Rise Up, The Commission, Yes He Can, but what might be new to everybody else, they’re like, oh, my gosh, this reminds me of growing up.

That’s awesome. Well, and the tour is called Live and in Color. Yes. And it is happening across the country. Yes. Yes. Fabulous locations everywhere. Yes, yes, yes. And you can find information, your city, We- we snagged that domain name. Not a lot of demand for that name, Cain. Yeah, there’s some interesting history. You guys should get Google that.

It’s going to be cute, the whole night. It is going to be like we’re trying to make it. You know how a lot of shows are opener, support, you know? We’re trying to intermingle the night with Katie Nicole and David Leonard, and there’s going to be a little comedy in there. Madison’s husband, who’s been my best friend since we were little kids, is in the show.

Our kids are in the show at a certain points. Our hope is, and this was really when we started kind of dreaming about the stories, is that you leave healthier than you came. Well, check it out, guys CAIN the band.

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