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Darryl Bryant

Former General Manager of the Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference, MFA in Creative Writing, PhD student at Grand Canyon University. Darryl has been exposed to all genres of music having grown up in a musical family and touring the country. He studied sound engineering with Stephen English at Sound Factory recording studio, and has worked with Leon Patillo, Randy Stonehill, Michael Card, Roby Duke, and Kathy Tracolli.

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Amazing Cutting Edge Project: Bright Ones Soundtrack

The movie, Bright Ones, is coming to a theater near you, featuring a memorable soundtrack,…

TobyMac // New Music Review
By Darryl Bryant Sounds Like: TobyMac! Top Songs: “I Just Need You” and “The Elements” Most…
A milliton lights album art
Album Review – Michael W. Smith: A Million Lights / Surrounded

The singer-songwriter over-achieves with the fresh and original “Crashing Waves,” a contemporary worship song proclaiming the unconditional love of God.

More album art
Album Review – Jeremy Riddle: More

From the traditional “All Hail King Jesus” to the title track “More” Jeremy Riddle has a clear vision for this well-produced homage to worship.

Reba McEntire Sing it Now: Songs of Faith and Hope
Reba McEntire Sing it Now: Songs of Faith and Hope

I was immediately set at ease with both the authenticity and flow of the classics.