Graham Gladstone

Graham Gladstone

Graham Gladstone is a worship leader and pastor currently serving at Langford Community Church in Brantford, Ontario.  An M.Div. graduate, he is passionate about corporate worship shaped by careful biblical reflection and heartfelt Spirit-led prayer. Connect with Graham at or @gwgladstone.

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Why Do We Sing About a Silent Night at Christmas?

Do you wonder why “stillness” is an enduring theme in art about the incarnation? Here are some thoughts on the stillness of Christmas.

The Word and the Music Stand

How does your church symbolically or literally communicate the centrality of the Word in worship?

7 EASTER Lessons for Worship Leaders BLOG
7 Easter Lessons for Worship Leaders

How can the unique Easter worship leading experience inform the rest of the year? Here are 7 ways.

An Ancient Truth

Our songs shape the faith of our congregations. Here we see how early generations of the Church actively worked with this reality.

The Worship Wheelbarrow

As beautiful as it can be, we must always remember that worship music has a function.

Asking the Wrong Witnesses

What if the people Jesus had healed had been called to testify at His trial? Here are some of the words they might have used to describe the Savior and his ministry.

Worship in the Shadow of Death

Gleaned from leading several funeral services, here are formative insights for worship leaders in their everyday ministries.

Don’t Leave Your Comfort Zone!

A different look at how to stretch yourself as you follow Christ wherever he leads you.

How Word Clouds Can Strengthen Your Worship

Here’s a powerful and simple tool for you to use to add depth and insight to your worship leadership.

Joy to the World the Lord is Come!

The curse-reversing King is come. Now let’s lead it like we mean it.

This Is Not How It Should Be – Advent readings

A template for you to use allowing the season of Advent to resonate deeply with your worshiping community.

When the Word Leads Worship

Giving God’s Word the central place in your service planning.