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10 Roles of Music in Services of Worship

As the steward of music in your church, here are 10 music uses every worship leader should be familiar with.

Prayer in the Hard Rain

From Bob Dylan to worldwide revival, here are thoughts on renewal and the revival of your church’s sung prayers.

Song of the Morning Stars

Music was there during creation … so how do we use it today in our churches?

The Crowd Responds With Thunderous Silence

Whether or not your church claps in and after worship music, one thing must be a priority.

The Agony of Prayerlessness

How music is our God-given instrument for prayer, and why that matters.

6 Ideas That Changed How I think About Worship

As the year draws to a close, here are some worship ideas to ponder that will inform how we lead others in worship.

Lightsabers in Worship

Using the resources you have in order to take part in the most exciting, powerful, and dangerous story in the history of the world.

Of Hobbits and Wholeness

What The Lord of the Rings can teach us about ministering to and through a small church worship ministry.

10 Ways to Mix Music With Justice

Since there is a bit of baggage and even confusion on the term “social justice,”…