Mark Tedder

Mark Tedder

My wife and I are Musicianaries. We have had the unique opportunity over the years to lead small mission teams of musicians around the world. We have held worship events in Pyongyang, North Korea. We’ve sung in the coffee bars of Lhasa, Tibet. We have taken worship bands into Beijing’s Universities, High Schools, Radio Stations, Olympic Televised Concerts, and behind the walled Forbidden City. We recorded THE DOOR, the first and only “live” worship project in China. We’ve played in Muslim Cafés in Cairo along the Nile, French cafés in Rouen, Italian Pubs in Bologna, and a Sushi Bar in Salerno. We have entered some of the darkest and suppressed places on planet earth, witnessing evil spirits depart through worship. (1 Sam. 16:23) Not because we’re in demand, but because we’re available. I was born and raised in Arkansas. I am Carrie Jo’s husband, Benjamin, and Daniel’s Dad, Grandude to London, Lera, Oliver, Samuel, Caroline, Lucy, and Eleanor, a worship pastor/shepherd, musicianary, and former coffee farmer. Check out Tedder Travel Tales Substack for more great content.

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