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Imagining the Impact of the Creative Act by Kevin Cloud

Imagining the Impact of the Creative Act by Kevin Cloud

  • That song on my morning jog facilitated a moment of healing, encouragement, and hope. The Lord spoke to me that morning through the lyrics and music of Dear Evan Hansen, reminding me that, although life felt dark and hopeless at the moment, I would make it through.

Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine Vol 28 No 3

By Kevin Cloud

In the fall of 2018, for one week, I must have said the same words fifteen times: “Our leadership team has decided to close the doors of our church.” 

Each time I spoke these words, I felt numb. The conversations got no easier. Closing our church was the right decision for many reasons, and yet I had never imagined taking such a step. I had no idea how to lead myself through the painful process, let alone lead the others who had depended on me. 

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I felt deep sadness and anger—anger towards myself, anger towards members of our team who had let me down, and anger towards God for calling me to plant this church only to have it fail. I felt disappointed in myself and my failures as a leader. Embarrassed, I found myself drowning in self-doubt.

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