2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Gear and Equipment

AirTurn BT-105 Hands Free Controller for Tablets and Computers
Use: More and more worship leaders are finding that tablet computers like the iPad are terrific tools for reading song sheets and eliminating paper clutter. The AirTurn BT-105 enhances the iPad’s paper-free solutions with hands-free control of page turns, setlists, audio files, and much more.
The AirTurn BT-105 is a wireless hands-free controller for iPads, tablets, and computers. The AirTurn BT-105’s modular design can connect to two or four pedals at a time, enabling everything from simple forwards and backwards page turns to setlist navigation, teleprompting, audio MP3 playback, volume control, and more. The AirTurn BT-105 is compatible with a wide range of apps for iPads, as well as select Android tablets, and most document and presentation programs for Bluetooth-equipped Mac and PC computers. Worship leaders will particularly appreciate using the AirTurn BT-105 with popular iPad apps like OnSong and Planning Center Music Stand, as well as EasyWorship for Windows computers and ProPresenter for Mac and PC.
$119.95 – $159.00

All Pro Sound | PreSonus StudioLive Series
PreSonus merges analog feel with digital convenience with the StudioLive series mixers. Far more than an amazing mixer, the StudioLive mixer connects to your computer using a single FireWire cable, which allows you to record your tracks into the included “Capture” recording software. Got an iOS device? Take remote control of your StudioLive with the QMix App for iPhone and iPod Touch or the Live Remote app for iPad. This handy feature lets you tweak the sound from anywhere in the sanctuary!
Best of all, All Pro Sound can install a StudioLive mixer in your church, making sure you’re hooked up the right way and ready to spread the Word! Not sure how to use all the amazing features of a StudioLive mixer? We’ll train you so you’ll be dialing in incredible mixes in no time. Call All Pro Sound today to ask about our installation options.

Fishman | SA220 Performance System
The Fishman SA220 Performance System provides exceptional sound quality and coverage in a wide variety of venues. Two hundred and twenty watts of clean, lightweight power drives a line array of six custom high-excursion speakers and a soft dome tweeter. This unique combination delivers incredibly full sound, ultra-wide dispersion, and deeper sonic penetration than the common speaker cabinet. Better yet, the enhanced bass response of the custom-designed speakers means there’s no need for a subwoofer.
It’s a P.A. and an amp. With the SA220, the performer and audience hear exactly the same sound, meaning there’s no need for separate wedge monitors or a combo amp backline.
And because the SA220 is voiced for the singer/songwriter, acoustic instruments and vocals are projected with superb depth and clarity.
SA220 weighs only 25lbs, and comes complete with a padded bag equipped with wheels, and includes a rugged speaker stand.
$999.95 (street price)


Sweetwater | Wechter NV5413CE Special Elite Cutaway
Nashville Magic! Wechter’s Nashville-tuned Special Elite Cutaway acoustic-electric guitar uses special high-strung, or Nashville tuning, which adds a unique tonality to recordings or live performances. Double a standard acoustic guitar part with the Nashville-tuned Elite, and you’ve got the kind of spacious, airy sound that no 12-string can touch. Play this comfortable parlor-sized guitar in an ensemble, and you’ve got a tone that stands out while it tastefully complements the other instruments.


Visual Sound, LLC | Route 66 pedal
Originally designed for use on a worship team, the Route 66 pedal has become a must-have, not only for worship teams but for artists like Jonny Lang and Kings of Leon. If you’ve listened to the All That You Can’t Leave Behind album by U2 (“Beautiful Day,” etc.), you’ve heard Route 66.
With broad flavors of Compression and Overdrive, Route 66 sounds amazing with both guitar and bass. Many players leave the compressor on all the time because it just makes your instrument sound better. The overdrive is smooth and crisp, covering everything from mild boost to cranked amp sounds. You want to sound your best when playing for the King. With Route 66, you will.

Sennheiser Electronic Corp. | XS Wireless
XS Wireless is a durable, budget-friendly wireless solution ideal for use in houses of worship. XS Wireless offers excellent sound quality and reliable transmission, with a powerful, one-touch scan to find open frequencies. True Diversity technology ensures optimum reception—anytime, anywhere.
XS Wireless systems are sold in five unique sets, covering a wide range of wireless applications. The XSW 35 Vocal Set is a handheld system featuring the renowned e 835 cardioid, dynamic capsule for excellent feedback suppression. The XSW 65 Vocal Set is a handheld system featuring a super-cardioid, pre-polarized condenser capsule to capture every detail. The XSW 12 Presentation Set is a compact bodypack system with an unobtrusive, omni-directional lavalier offering excellent speech intelligibility. The XSW 52 Headmic Set is a compact bodypack system with a cardioid headworn mic for crystal-clear sound. The XSW 72 Instrument Set is a compact bodypack system with a ¼” instrument cable for freedom to move.
$399.95 – $449.95


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