Greg Jones

Greg Jones

Greg Jones is a musician, music teacher, worship leader, and independent recording artist.

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Worship Volume Explained

Why “turning it down” isn’t as simple as it may seem.

The Details That Make a Difference

Often the little things in worship music are underrated; here are some details that might help your team take the next step in musical excellence.

Amp Modeling, Part 2

In a quest for excellent tone, here is the follow-up to guide, including gear suggestions, for guitarists looking to give digital modeling a try.

Digital Modeling for the Worship Guitarist

Tube amp or modeler? How the digital revolution has affected guitar tones in worship, and might just set you free.

Selecting Songs With the Congregation in Mind

Leading worship is done in partnership with a community; here are some things to keep in mind when choosing songs.

Spirit Planning

Does planning your worship limit the movement of the Spirit?

Confronting Weakness

Building health teams means tough conversations will be had. But how you approach those conversations means everything.