Kent Morris

Kent Morris

Kent Morris is a 40-year veteran of the AVL arena driven by passion for excellence tempered by the knowledge digital is a temporary state.

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Moving Beyond I Do to I Am

While vital, tech harbors the dark obverse of self-importance. As such, it becomes a simple step to move from using our gift to relying on our gift. The result can be a turn inward toward self-reliance, bolstered by pride. Eventually, we can change from a person used by God to a person with god illusions.

Technically Speaking: Reaching Out to a Disillusioned World

By Kent Morris Patterson is an energetic, resourceful audio tech based in Ivory Coast. We…

New Releases: Must-Have Gear for 2021

Here’s a list of must-have gear for 2021: Shure SLXD Wireless Fitting nicely between music…

Technically Speaking | Light-Bearers in the Dark: Building Tech Community in Isolation

By Kent Morris FILO, meaning “First In, Last Out,” is a way of life for…

Technically Speaking: Congregational Connection in a Covid World…and Beyond

Today, online church services have a tendency to look and feel isolated. However, even when the congregation is remote, is there a way to see and hear their reaction? Are there techniques to use in order to create a more immersive experience? Yes, there are some tools we can use to restore the two-way communication between the servers and those we serve and thus thrive, not just survive, today’s challenges.

Technically Speaking: Lessons from the Empty Room

As live streaming has taken on the primary role of communication and convergence in the…

Technically Speaking: Leading With Streaming

Technology has developed a reliable, cost-effective solution in the form of live streaming and it is tailor-made for churches who want to reach their congregations and the community at large. Live streaming represents an excellent way to broaden the reach of ministry at a reasonable expense and will be an essential tool as the church moves forward.

Technically Speaking with Kent Morris
A Church Tech Booth That Makes Sense

Now that we as techs are no longer relegated to the upper balcony—or worse, housed inside a small room with a sliding glass window—we are part of the church community residing on the main floor.

Leading with Streaming

Churches have always sought better ways to engage the community beyond the walls of the…


We asked some of our contributors what their must have items for 2020 are, here’s what they had to say!

In-Review: Martin D-X1E Koa

The D-X1E Koa is one of these latest guitars and is a spin-off of the DXK2AE. The first thing a guitar purist will notice is the term High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) referring to the material used to construct the top, sides, and back of the D-1XE.

In-Review: Sennheiser XSW-D Pedalboard

The contemporary worship center stage often requires guitarists to emulate a myriad of tones to cover everything from Bethel to Chris Tomlin. Thus, pedalboards are practically ubiquitous in a worship leader’s arsenal.