Taya Gaukrodger

Taya Gaukrodger

Long before TAYA became one of UNITED’s most acclaimed and impactful vocalists, with over one billion streams and numerous world tours over the last decade, her journey with Jesus began in the small town of Lismore, Australia. Her mother led her in the sinner’s prayer at age five and she attended a small community church with her family where her father was an elder & worship leader.

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TAYA – A Sacrifice of Praise

TAYA talks about her passion for worship, sacrificial praise for God and his Son, and how God works all things for His glory.

Taya Gaukrodger Hillsong on Obedience and Sacrifice
Taya Gaukrodger on Obedience and Sacrifice

“What worship was in that moment was obedience to the voice of the Lord and…