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Music Review | “Battle Is The Lord’s” – Single by Rebecca St. James (featuring Brandon Lake)

Music Review | “Battle Is The Lord’s” – Single by Rebecca St. James (featuring Brandon Lake)

  • Rebecca St. James returns with a ethereal flowing song that substantiates God's providence over all. Featuring Bethel Music's Brandon Lake, the single marks her first after a 7 year hiatus.

Veteran Christian Contemporary artist Rebecca St. James has collaborated with Bethel Music’s Brandon Lake to release her first single after a 7 year hiatus.  “Battle is the Lord’s” is an incredible return single that speaks of our reliance on the One who formed us. 

 “Why so heavy, oh  my soul?  Did you forget who’s in control?” begins the introspective song about the weariness that St. James felt after 20 years as a leading Christian artist.    

It is a song that is timely and instantly relates as everyone has felt the weariness that comes from living in a broken, pandemic-filled world.   It is a song that also conveys the importance of not leaning  on our own strength, but claiming the One who is actually in control of all things.  

With the addition of  Lake’s vocals, the song has an ethereal flowing that substantiates God’s providence over all.  

More:  Welcome back Rebecca St. James!  You’ve been missed and your return comes with a fantastic song that many need as a reminder during these times.  

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Less:  Could a full length album be on the way?  With songs like this we sure hope so!

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