Keepers of Our Creatives | Image of Worship Leader Josh Baldwin
Episode 31

Josh Baldwin: Pastor The People Not The Dreams

Pastor the people in front of you.

“A delay isn’t a denial.”

“Pastor the people that God has put right in front of you and let God shepherd your dreams.”

So good! This episode is full of heart and wisdom thanks to Bethel Music artist and songwriter, Josh Baldwin. He’s passionate about creating space for people to be seen and heard by God and today’s story is a peek into his past, which shows the origin of that passion for people.

This great story also reinforces the need for the local church by uncovering just one aspect of its important role; to foster our creative artists. These communities of faith all over the world are the keepers of our creatives. Each church where we allow the Holy Spirit to move will grow up incredible artists, songwriters, painters, creative business people, writers, and more. It’s so important to recognize that your local congregation could be discipling the next generation of Josh Baldwin’s.


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Who is Josh Baldwin:

Josh Baldwin is a songwriter and worship leader who joined the Bethel Music Collective in 2014. Josh is known for his songs “Praises”, featured on Bethel Music’s Have it All, “You Deserve It All”, from his solo project Rivers, and “Stand in Your Love”, a song featured on Bethel Music’s album VICTORY (2019) which reached #2 on the Christian Billboard charts. As a worship leader, Josh enjoys creating space for people to feel seen, encouraged, and invited into intimacy with God. Josh lives with his wife Sheila and their two children in Franklin, TN, and continues to tour domestically and internationally.

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