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Music Review | “Champion – Live” Single By Bethel Music featuring Dante Bowe

Music Review | “Champion – Live” Single By Bethel Music featuring Dante Bowe

Randy Cross

Meet one of the newest worship leaders in the Bethel House Music collective’s great host of musicians, Dante Brown. Bowe joins the California assembly from the southeast, where he leads the congregation of Addereth Christian Center in Phenix City, Alabama.

His song, “Champion,” is featured in the May Bethel Music release, Revival’s in the Air, the 15th live worship record by the Dove Award winning assembly of worship leaders and songwriters.  

“Champion,” featuring Bowe’s leading, was co-authored by Bethel’s Brandon Lake,  Steffany Gretzinger, Jonathan Jay and Tony Brown. The song speaks to the heart of our placement in the family of God. Bowe provides a great word, “This song is personal, not just for me, but for anyone who’s ever felt the pressure to measure up or has felt lesser than. We all, at some point in our lives, walk through a season of insecurity and doubt in what the Lord has already spoken.”  

“Champion” sets up anticipation for Revival’s in the Air, as it ignites the fire that must burn hot for the restoration of life, consciousness, vigor and strength that our world so desperately needs and can be spawned by leadership from the church.  We can do anything in God’s strength as we remember, “I am seated in the heavenly place, undefeated, with the One who has conquered it all.

More: Fantastic song that reminds us of our venerated place in God’s Kingdom.  

Less:  As the video puts the song at over 8 minutes, we look forward to the charts to see how long it would be when incorporated into worship sets.    

Learn more about Bethel Music here.

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