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Being You in the Body of Christ

Being You in the Body of Christ

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By Cassine Puckett

Sometimes I look at myself and wonder “What am I doing leading worship?” What would make me think I could be like all the great worship leaders? All of the great worship leaders are young and hip! It’s usually a guy; but whether it’s male or female, they always wear skinny jeans! I tried a pair on once and it took three sales associates to get me out of them! I am not a skinny-jeans-kinda girl! More than that, I’m not a girl; I’m a woman, a thirty-six year old woman, with three kids! I could very easily be a grandma in the next five years. What am I doing trying to lead new, fresh, cutting-edge worship? How can I be culturally relevant when the only culture I get is the Disney Channel? God, what were you thinking? I just can’t keep up!

Then that still small voice begins to remind me – the body of Christ doesn’t need some middle aged woman in skinny jeans and a faux hawk! The church needs a leader they can follow to the Throne. Someone who will embrace who they are and who God created them to be. Moreover, someone who isn’t trying to continually be something or someone they are not. Our ultimate example as leaders is Christ. He is the definitive model of an authentic leader. He led people under the scrutinizing eyes of His adversaries. Though He was continually challenged to change and do the accepted thing, He was who His Father created Him to be, not conforming to the social norms but standing out, walking in His God-given calling – His calling, not another’s calling, but His!

The old saying goes “variety is the spice of life!” How true that is when walking in your calling. Our Heavenly Father created us all so uniquely and intricately so that we could not be duplicated. So why do we try to copy others! They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery; it’s also the highest level of insecurity! Be that one-of-a-kind, authentic individual that God fashioned you to be!

The definition of the word authentic is of undisputed origin. That means to be authentic, we must know where we came from and who sent us and have no doubts on the subject. If we know that, then nothing else matters! Our greatest challenge as worship leaders is to lead people into the presence of God where the focus is not on us but on Christ Jesus! Our goal should always be transparency in His presence. If you are looking at me, then you are surely not looking at God! Let’s not get caught up in the package but rather instead, get lost in the gift – the gift of God’s Glory and His astounding presence. Our prayer should be to become so translucent that we are merely the path to the Presence. It doesn’t matter what the path looks like as long as it leads us to our target.

There’s so much we can learn from each other – various styles, techniques and sounds. But when the day is done, we must cling to our diversity. Diversity is the key to every person who walks through the doors of your church, believer or non-believer, feeling that they belong. They must realize that they can not only exist but grow roots and create family. The Presence of God is life altering. It will change every heart – of that there is no question. The question lies in our willingness to be unique. Because who’s to say that the next person who walks through the doors of your church isn’t looking for someone who can teach them the value of being distinctive. The significance of pouring out your passion to God, laying everything on the altar, dropping all pretense and

simply…being…that is what God wants from us. We allow no compromise, being exactly who our Creator intended for us to be. You are the only you that can do what He’s called you to do! Don’t try to fit in a mold that wasn’t created for you. Seek Him, search Him, know Him and every uncertainty will become certain. Every question will be made clear. Walk in boldness and authority, knowing that you are called…you are chosen…and you are you!

Cassine Puckett is a graduate of Victory Bible Institute’s School of Worship and as a singer and songwriter, has been leading worship for over 15 years. She has been a speaker at various worship conferences. Cassine has launched a Worship Consulting Ministry to help churches large and small simplify the complexities of developing a thriving worship ministry. Contact: [email protected]

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