Music Review | “Our Champion” – Single By Awaken Worship Collective

Artist: Awaken Worship Collective featuring Taylor Wilding and Jennifer Wilding

Title: “Our Champion” – single


Rating: 3 ½ stars

More:  Incredible lyrics that uniquely displays our positioning in God’s universe.  Igniting the total reliance that we should have in Him as He fights our battles for us.    

Less:  Great song in the field of great songs.  Could easily get lost in the mix of worship collectives now putting out equally evocative music.  

Featuring Taylor Wilding and Jennifer Wilding on lead vocals  “Our Champion” highlights God’s ability to transition “our weakness into worship” and using God’s omnipresence as THE source of our strength.  

The sole goal of Awaken Worship Collective is  “creating resources for a great awakening in our day”.  They have achieved an opportunity for that with their call to battle, “Our Champion”, a great song for personal listening and encouragement.  

This group of writers, speakers, creatives and worship leaders realize that awakening can only come through the power of God and His championing for His people. 


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