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Clarkboards Review

Clarkboards Review

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Function: Custom guitar pedalboards and cables


: The brainchild of Caleb Clements, Clarkboards is a custom pedalboard company based in Costa Mesa, CA. Clarkboards works with the customer extensively to create the perfect board for each individual. Each customer has the option to get his or her pedalboard custom wired with handmade power and ¼” cables cut to custom length for each pedal. Custom tap tempo switches and preset switches are available as add-ons to each board.

: Focusing on high quality materials, Clarkboards use Baltic Birch plywood covered in a fiberglass or ABS laminate with an anodized aluminum frame, making an ultra-heavy-duty pedalboard that looks sleek and elegant. Clarkboard cables are extremely heavy-duty, and are some of the best ¼” cables we’ve ever heard. Available in any size you’d like, Clarkboards are perfect for guitarists who want the cleanest, most reliable pedalboard made to order specifically for you.
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