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PreSonus Faderport 8 Review

PreSonus Faderport 8 Review

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Function: Daw Control Surface

: $499.95

: Finally a successor to the highly popular PreSonus FaderPort is in our hands in the shape of the PreSonus FaderPort 8! Labelled as a “production controller”, the FaderPort 8 is designed to be the centerpiece or your studio and work in tandem with your keyboard and mouse. Built like a tank and packed with more features than you can think of, FaderPort 8 is a great addition to your DAW-based studio.

: At the center of FaderPort 8 are 8 touch-sensitive, 100mm long-throw motorized faders. At the top of each fader is a high-definition Scribble Strip display that shows you your current pan levels as well as the name of the channel strip it is displaying. In addition to channel controls, FaderPort 8 gives you complete transport controls: (play, stop, fast fwd, rewind, record, loop), general session controls (such as undo/redo, arm all, solo/mute clear), navigation control (drop marker, next/previous event), automation controls, and many more. Four user-assigned buttons gives you custom control over any parameter in your session. Editing plugins is also available in FaderPort 8. A footswitch input even allows you to start/stop the session hands-free!

: We setup FaderPort 8 in Logic and Protools and the process couldn’t be easier. In a couple minutes we were completely set up in both DAWs and had complete control over the entire session. The scribble strips are extremely bright and accurate and all the buttons feel sturdy and professional. Of course, the motorized faders were our favorite part of FaderPort 8! The faders are sturdy and extremely responsive, reacting to the slightest touch or movement. If you’re looking for an affordable, professional, DAW control with motorized faders, the FaderPort 8 is far and away the best control surface on the market!
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