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Rev33 Review

Rev33 Review

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Function: IEM Filter

: $149

: To say that Rev33 is a “filter,” although technically true, seems to us at WLM to be a dramatic understatement, as the little device is one of the best IEM accessories we’ve ever come across! In short, Rev33 is a passive device that sits inline between your audio source and headphones that reduces unwanted noise and distortion in your IEMs, allowing the drivers in your IEM to give you the ideal listening experience no matter what source you’re using.

: There are many different models of Rev33, each tuned specifically to a particular brand, number of drivers, and model of IEMs. For our review, we used the Rev33 made for Ultimate Ears UE7 triple driver IEMs. The basic idea behind the ground breaking IEM filter is that your IEMs pick up unwanted sound waves, noise and distortion between your audio source, and Rev33 filters out the unwanted noise and preserves the purity of whatever you’re listening to. The result is a drastically lowered noise floor that lowers the “hiss” of high gain, open microphones, or digital plugins, along with a clearer, more focused sound. When we plugged our IEM into Rev33, we immediately noticed the top end was rounder, smoother and the bass was tighter and punchier than without Rev33. This allowed the midrange to open up and for us to hear a better balance of all the frequencies in the IEM. The noise floor reduction and “hiss” reduction is a big contributor to ear fatigue, and when listening over a period of several hours, we definitely noticed that our ears weren’t nearly as tired as they usually are when listening with IEMs!

Church Use
: Bringing a clarity, punch and fast transient response to our IEMs, we loved the way Rev33 makes our IEMs sound! As it’s a passive device, you don’t have to worry about changing batteries mid-set and the low-profile design wraps perfectly around your IEM pack or belt so you never have to worry about your headphones falling out. For churches that use IEMs (and especially if you have more than 1 service) Rev33 is a must-have accessory.
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