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Amidst Scandal and Transformation, Hillsong United’s Hiatus Leaves Fans Wondering

In the midst of Hillsong United‘s hiatus, the controversy surrounding Brian Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church, has resurfaced. In February 2023, Houston resigned as Hillsong’s global senior pastor after facing allegations of inappropriate behavior towards two women. He was also charged with concealing his father’s child sexual abuse crimes, a charge that was ultimately dismissed in August 2023.

Despite Houston’s acquittal, the allegations against him have cast a shadow over Hillsong Church and its music ministry. Many fans and critics alike have questioned the church’s leadership and its commitment to transparency and accountability. The hiatus of Hillsong United has only amplified these concerns, as it has left some wondering if the church is struggling to move forward from the scandal.

However, there are also those who believe that Hillsong United’s hiatus is a positive step for the band. They argue that the break will allow the members to focus on their personal growth and artistic development, ultimately leading to a stronger and more meaningful return.

Recent developments suggest that Hillsong United may be preparing to resurface. In October 2023, the band announced that they were working on new music, signaling a potential comeback. Additionally, in December 2023, the band shared a cryptic social media post that hinted at an upcoming announcement.

These developments have fueled excitement among fans, who are eager to see what Hillsong United has in store for their next chapter. While the band has not yet revealed any concrete plans, their recent activity suggests that they are actively working towards a return.

As Hillsong United navigates the challenges of the past few years, they are also embracing the opportunity for transformation. The band’s hiatus has allowed them to reflect on their identity and purpose, leading to a renewed focus on authenticity and vulnerability.

In a recent interview, Joel Houston, Hillsong United’s creative director, expressed the band’s desire to create music that speaks to the depths of human experience. “We want to make music that is honest and real,” he said. “We want to create songs that connect with people on a spiritual level.”

With their hiatus drawing to a close and a renewed commitment to their craft, Hillsong United is poised to return with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of purpose. Fans can eagerly await their comeback, expecting an experience that is both spiritually enriching and musically captivating.


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Original Article Published in April of 2022

Yesterday the Hillsong Worship team announced they will no longer join Casting Crowns on tour with We the Kingdom.

“Whilst we are deeply disappointed to have to make this difficult decision, we do feel that is the right one at this time in our history and the decision that, for us, requires the most faith,” the band explained on their Instagram.


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Hillsong Worship stated that many of its members are also staff members of the megachurch who are taking the time to figure out how they will move forward in the wake of the changes.

“Our community is hurting but hope-filled,” the band said. “With the full support and endorsement of our senior church leadership, we believe the decision not to go on tour this month is the one that puts the health and well-being of the people on our team first. Now is the time for us to humbly see the Lord, to grieve in hope and to heal in community, together.”

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