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Christy Nockels – We have a “response-a-bility” in worship.

Christy Nockels – We have a “response-a-bility” in worship.

Christy Nockels
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“We have a Response-a-bility.” Christy Nockels brings her depth of experience and thoughtfulness to this Worship Sound bite. “Responding to who God is” breaks down a definition of worship that is biblical and helps non-Christians understand just why we at Worship Leader are focused on reframing worship as more than just singing on Sunday.

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I believe that worship is our response to God. Every day for who He is and what he has done. And so whatever that looks like for us, I think obeying or it could also just look like starting our day, directing our eyes to him and remembering who he is, focusing on his truth and responding to that. And that can look like so many different things in our lives, how we treat our people, our family, our husband or our kids and can look like how we come and serve the church and how we lead others to respond to him.

I heard someone say one time and I can’t remember who said it, but that we have a response-ability, meaning that God gave us the ability to respond. So you kind of like separate those. We have a response ability. And so within us, I believe he set this ability to be able to respond to him. So I love to think just our responsibility as believers, as followers of Jesus.

It’s to literally respond to his ability. It’s responding to who he is and what he has done. And so that helps me remember what worship truly is. And it’s, you know, my daily response to that as a follower of him.

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