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Album Review – Randall Goodgame: Sing the Bible Volume 3

Album Review – Randall Goodgame: Sing the Bible Volume 3

Sing the Bible Volume 3 album art

Sing the Bible Volume 3 album artRandall Goodgame
Sing the Bible Volume 3
Review by Kristin Thompson

Sing the Bible Volume 3 is a delicious musical variety strung together by words from Scripture, sprinkled with whimsical silliness. Every song will hit you differently and get the words of the Bible stuck in your head like tasty peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. As compared to the previous two (also wonderful) Sing the Bible albums, this flits more often between different styles of music and seems to include more spoken word sections.

What’s even more amazing is that, according to my calculations based on the verses listed on this album, there are 74 verses that your family’s ears will feast on in one listening all the way through. Yes, really… 74 verses! Not only will your family hear this many verses delightfully put to song, but they will be singing them for days!

Everyone will have a top pick from so many good songs. My personal favorites include “I Am the Vine,” and “The Beatitudes.” The songs that my kids (ages 3-9) have requested to be on repeat: “I am the Way,” “The Full Armor of God,” and “Get Up.” I could easily see “Be Kind and Compassionate,” among other songs, being sung during Sunday School. And, just try not to smile when you listen to the playfulness in “When You Give to the Needy,” or “Not By Bread Alone.”

You can enjoy this in the minivan, at home, pretty much anywhere. I admit I listen to this by myself, not just with my kids because it seriously is that deep and delightful.

Players on Project:vGuest vocalists include Sara Groves, Propaganda, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Mike Weaver, Bart Millard, Nickie Conley, Jason Eskridge, and several very talented kids!

Sounds Like: With such a fantastic smorgasbord of songs and variety of guests, it’s hard to categorize!

Top Songs:

Most Singable: “I Am the Way”
Strongest Biblical Content: “The Beatitudes”
The Whole Package: “The Full Armor of God”

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