“I Speak Jesus” Songwriter and Pastor Dustin Smith – Worship is the Revealing of Worth

Dustin Smith

“I Speak Jesus” songwriter, Worship Leader, and now church planter, Dustin Smith helps us understand how worship can take on a whole new context when we’re “revealing the worth of God.” It becomes a part of all aspects of our life. Music is powerful in this context, but it isn’t the only aspect of our lifestyle of worship.

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The Essence of Worship: Beyond Music

I Speak Jesus Here Be LionsIn a compelling discussion with Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Swanson, Dustin Smith, the esteemed songwriter behind “I Speak Jesus” and Pastor at Hope UC Nashville, shared profound insights into the essence of worship. Smith’s reflections offer a refreshing perspective that transcends traditional paradigms, challenging us to reconceptualize worship in its purest form.

Worship as the Revelation of Worth

At the heart of Smith’s definition lies the concept of ‘worth-ship,’ a term that eloquently encapsulates the act of revealing worth. This foundational idea suggests that worship is fundamentally about expressing the value we ascribe to God, an endeavor that extends far beyond the confines of music. Smith’s approach invites us to consider how every facet of our existence can become an act of worship, from the melodies we sing to the manner in which we engage with our families and communities.

Music: A Vehicle, Not the Destination

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“I Speak Jesus” – Charity Gayle*

The notion that music, while powerful, is but one vehicle among many for worship is particularly striking. Smith likens music to a tool, much like a vehicle, that serves to convey the worth of God. This analogy is both humbling and liberating, reminding us that our affection should not be for the medium itself, but for the divine subject it seeks to honor. In Smith’s words, the danger lies in becoming enamored with the tool rather than the One it is intended to exalt.

A Call to Holistic Worship

This expansive view of worship challenges the modern church to look beyond the Sunday morning song service, to see every action and interaction as an opportunity to declare the worth of God. It calls for a holistic lifestyle of worship that permeates every aspect of our daily lives, from the sacred to the mundane.

Smith’s insights resonate deeply with those of us who yearn for a more encompassing expression of worship, one that acknowledges the multifaceted ways in which we can honor God. His perspective serves as a reminder that worship is not confined to a single expression or setting but is a continuous outpouring of reverence and adoration for our Creator, evident in all we do.

In essence, Smith invites us to broaden our understanding of worship, encouraging us to find in every moment and every action an opportunity to reveal the worth of God. This approach not only enriches our spiritual journey but also elevates our daily lives, transforming ordinary encounters into sacred acts of worship.

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I probably would say, I mean, for me, worship, the very base core of worship is worth. The word means worth-ship. So it’s the revealing of worth. I mean, I think that’s kind of the the struggle for us a little bit is we’ve… we’ve done, we’ve learned how to do music really well at revealing worth through music. But the revealing of worth goes through every aspect of life.

So, you know, when I’m talking about worship, it’s a little bit different sometimes because I don’t lock myself into, “music equals worship.” My whole heart is like, “I want to reveal his worth, if I want to reveal his worth singing, that’s great, but I want to reveal his worth with my family, how I treat my kids, how I treat my neighbor.”

So I believe, like, worship takes on a whole different kind of context. When I’m revealing the worth of God through the outward activity of my life. And it has been confined to music especially, I think, at times over the last thirty years. It becomes such a focus. But I think music is powerful in that context. But I don’t think it’s the only context.

I think it’s I treat it like a vehicle, you know, it’s like a car. And you can have different vehicles which are powerful, but it’s just a vehicle. I’m not in love with my vehicle. It’s just the tool. You know, the music is a tool. I always tell people, you know, even master, you know, builders don’t sleep with their tools.

You know, if you sleep with a tool, you’re a weirdo. So, you know, you don’t you don’t sleep with tools. You’re not in love with tools. I’m not in love with, you know, dude’s in love with a hammer, that’s an issue. That’s a real problem, you know? But so I’m not in love with music. I realize music is a tool and so for me in worship, I think the powerful thing is worship for me is the revealing of the worth of God.

And if I can get that into people, then we can have powerful services. And in music, you can take the best and say, we want to reveal your worth through this. But I think it’s going to go much further than that.

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