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Lauren Daigle New Album: Look Up Child

Lauren Daigle New Album: Look Up Child

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Artist: LAUREN DAIGLE | Album: LOOK UP CHILD | Learn More:

Lauren Daigle arguably has one of the most unique and interesting voices in worship and Christian music. Her first album, How Can It Be, went platinum. Daigle has garnered Dove Awards as both a singer and songwriter. The single “Trust in You” is Grammy nominated and highlights her rich raspy voice. However, at the center of it all is powerful and vulnerable lyrics that appeal to a wide and diverse audience. Look Up Child opens with “Still Rolling Stones” and the legacy continues. This upbeat tune takes Daigle’s vocal range up a notch or two and then takes the listener on a reflective lyrical rollercoaster. “This Girl” has a vibrant full throttle gear that has depth and passion that illuminates like a torch with chilling strings and open boldness that is as much a proclamation as it is a mega tune swirling with crossover finesse and chilling strings.

“Your Wings” a blend of reggae and zydeco is true to Daigle’s Louisiana roots and is another wistful turn into a treasure chest of thoughtful arrangements that ebb and flow with masterful pacing from ballad to anthem in thunderous waves. “You Say” is equally noteworthy and makes “Love Like This” a resonating chapter in this novel of listening masterpieces that races forward and only looks back to bring you on the ride. By the time you get to the title track “Look Up Child” the pulse turns up again, and you are on a journey into uncharted worship territory that is infectious, inspiring and memorable.

As Look Up Child closes with the surrendering

“Rebel Heart” and traditional gospel lullaby of “Turn Your Eyes” Daigle is an artist with something to say that is thought-provoking and conversation invoking. There are radio-ready tunes as well as sanctuary reverence that build and live up to the promise and worth the wait. This project is wise beyond its years and may very well set a standard that crosses over to multiple genres. The attention to detail, lyrical prowess, and masterful production pay off with this five-star album and the results are “Inevitable” and unlimited.

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