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Review of Isaac Carree’s “No Risk, No Reward”

Review of Isaac Carree’s “No Risk, No Reward”

Randy Cross

What do you do to follow up being a Dove award winning Gospel Artist?  If you are Isaac Caree you take a seven year hiatus to write a book, tour with the likes of Diddy, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, establish a conference for Gospel music artists and then you return to the recording scene with an album called No Risk, No Reward.  

No Risk, No Reward features a variety of guest artists including, Kirk Franklin, Lisa Knowles, Zicardi Cortez, Mr. Talkbox, and Jazze Pha as well as incorporating some of McGraw’s back up band for the country flavored “Woman First”.  

While this is a definitive Gospel project, it is infused with a variety of musical styles.  There literally is something for everyone stylistically on this album and it never loses its focus on our relationships with God and our relationships with each other.  From Classic Gospel sounds to the aforementioned Country themed ballad, No Risk, No Reward is truly an album you can listen to without risk and be rewarded time and again.  

More: No Risk, No Reward uses a variety of musical styles while never losing any of its Gospelcentric flair.  Caree does an excellent job of bringing those styles into balance to make a very appealing package of praise. 

Less:  There is so much variety that fans of the genre may be a bit disappointed that there isn’t more of a pendulum swing back to pure Gospel.

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