Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine Vol 28 No 3

By Kent Morris

ATEN Case Study: Oaks Baptist Church

Video projection in mid-size churches has cycled through several generations of equipment and standards over the past two decades. What began with 500 lumen SVGA projectors and small, portable 4:3 screens transitioned to 2000 lumen XGA projectors and retractable screens, and then on to multiple 6000 lumen HDMI projectors shooting onto large 16:10 screens. Each generation has used different connectors, from RCA to BNC to 15-pin headshell to TMDS, each with a different protocol. Since churches tend to keep equipment a long time, it is common to see the tech booth populated with varying cables and products representing years of transition. Tying these disparate pieces together is no easy task. However, one church found a cost-effective solution based on some innovative gear from ATEN.

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