Song Discovery Pick – At The Mention

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“At The Mention” By Mark Harris and Kyle Lee (Gateway Worship)

In the words of the writers:

Life is spoken, curses broken, at the mention of the name of Jesus

Death awakens, hell is shaken, at the mention of the name of Jesus

‘At The Mention’ is an idea that turned into a song. Early one morning in my quiet time, the Lord reminded me of the authority that we have in speaking His name. I began to speak the name of Jesus over every burden that occupied my mind. As I prayed the name of Jesus over my family, my friends, our church, and its leadership, I began to feel so much peace and release from the burden that I had carried into that early morning.

When I finished my quiet time, I quickly wrote out several lines that began what became this song.

I asked Kyle Lee to join me in writing and finishing the idea. — Mark Harris, Campus Worship Pastor (SLK)

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